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Configuration Control an overview

From this point forward, only change requests or proposals that have been approved by the software change control board (CCB) should be integrated into the structural configuration. CM provides an orderly way to facilitate change, based on a documented requirements baseline, and utilizing best practices in the change management process. This is intended to ensure that expectations are fully understood and realized in an efficient manner, including proper consideration of all potential impacts on customers and resources. NASA has four baselines, each of which defines a distinct phase in the evolution of a product design.

With IT Ops managing interdependencies and software teams managing configuration as code, organizations can enjoy stable systems and exceptional uptime. Configuration change management is a process to manage approved designs and the implementation of approved changes. Configuration change management is achieved through the systematic proposal, justification, and evaluation of proposed changes followed by incorporation of approved changes and verification of implementation. Implementing configuration change management in a given program/project requires unique knowledge of the program/project objectives and requirements.

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It’s not really code so it’s not immediately put in version control and it’s not first-class data so It isn’t stored in a primary database. Traditional and small scale system administration is usually done with a collection of scripts and ad-hoc processes. Configuration data can be overlooked at times, but it is critical to system operation.

configuration management board

Appropriate evaluation criteria should be developed in the CM Plan and applied according to the scope and tier of the Architectural Description effort. The evaluation criteria must include factors that test compliance with the Net-Centric Reference Architectures and the DoD IE as outlined in Section 3.0 of the DoDAF and the Net-Centric Guidance contained in Volume 2. The results of architecture evaluations should be used to guide decisions for approving proposed changes, as well as in planning future extensions or updates to the Architectural Description. More often than not, misconfiguration is responsible for data breaches. Hackers and human error play their part, but a significant source of compromise is inadequate configuration management. Together, CM tools enable administrators to proactively manage a network’s configuration state, change according to needs, and preserve the existing state of the network.

configuration control board (CCB)

Complex assets such as aircraft, ships, industrial machinery etc. depend on many different components being serviceable. This serviceability is often defined in terms of the amount of usage the component has had since it was new, since fitted, since repaired, the amount of use it has had over its life and several other limiting factors. Understanding how near the end of their life each of these components is has been a major undertaking involving labor-intensive record keeping until recent developments in software.

  • The first action towards configuration management is information gathering.
  • It has eight gates with jetways and 34 apron stands, a total of 42 gates and is able to handle wide-body aircraft such as the Airbus A380.
  • Upon, approval by the CCB, the new DM2 is published along with a record of changes from last baseline and a new working copy is setup.
  • Bitbucket offers a powerful system for configuration management that is built around Git pull request workflows and CI/CD pipelines.
  • The evaluation criteria must include factors that test compliance with the Net-Centric Reference Architectures and the DoD IE as outlined in Section 3.0 of the DoDAF and the Net-Centric Guidance contained in Volume 2.

Each framework uses a series of configuration data files — usually YAML or XML — that are evaluated by an executable. Gateway Gardens is a former housing area for the US Air Force personnel based at the Rhein-Main Air Base, close to Terminal 2. Since then the area is being developed into a business location for airport-related companies. Lufthansa moved its airline catering subsidiary LSG Sky Chefs to Gateway Gardens, Condor and SunExpress are headquartered here. DB Schenker, the logistics company of Deutsche Bahn, have built a 66 m (217 ft) high-rise building.

5.1.2 Process Activities

A long term holiday parking lot is located south of the runways and connected by shuttle bus to the terminals. In November 2016, Ryanair announced the opening of a new base at Frankfurt Airport with four routes to Spain and Portugal. From August to November 1944, a concentration camp was established in Walldorf, close to the airport site, where Jewish female prisoners were forced to work for the airport. The Allies of World War II destroyed the runway system with airstrikes in 1944, and the Wehrmacht blew up buildings and fuel depots in 1945, shortly before the US Army took control of the airport on 25 March 1945. After the German Instrument of Surrender, the war in Europe ended and the US Army started to build a new temporary runway at Frankfurt Airport. The southern part of the airport ground was occupied to build the Rhein-Main Air Base as an Air Force Base for the United States Air Forces in Europe.

configuration management board

This post focuses on its modern application and use in agile CI/CD software environments. The software configuration management (SCM) process is looked upon by practitioners as the best solution to handling changes in software projects. The rise of cloud infrastructures has led to the development and adoption of new patterns of infrastructure management. Complex, cloud-based system architectures are managed and deployed through the use of configuration data files. These new cloud platforms allow teams to specify the hardware resources and network connections they need provisioned through human and machine readable data files like YAML.

What Are Configuration Management Tools?

It is directly connected to Terminal 1 through a connecting corridor for pedestrians. The accounting firm KPMG, Lufthansa and two Hilton Hotels (Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport [150] with 334 rooms and configuration management board Hilton Frankfurt Airport with 249 rooms) occupy space in The Squaire. He was a member of Deutsche Bank’s Supervisory Board between August 2016 and July 31, 2019 and was Chairman of its Integrity Committee.

An extension of the SkyLine people mover system is planned to connect the new terminal to Terminals 1 and 2 and the airport train stations. This responsibility is further complicated when multiple versions of the target hardware exist, which require different versions of the FPGA design. For example, if a board update to a hardware design requires swapping an input and output between two FPGA pins, the FPGA versions for the modified board will have to be different than those loaded onto the unmodified board. Loading the wrong FPGA version to a board could result in unpredictable behavior or component damage.

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In 1938, Frankfurt was a central distribution point for the transport of airmail to North America. From 2018 to 2020, he was Head of Group Strategy and was CEO of Asia-Pacific until 2023. DM2 change requests (action items) can be raised by any of the working group members or flow down from the CCB. A working copy of the DM2 is maintained, along with all reference and research materials and the current action item tracker. DM2 issues impacting the foundation are forwarded to the International Defense Enterprise Architecture Specification (IDEAS) Group for consideration. When a number of changes have accumulated, the TWG recommends a new DM2 baseline version be established and released.

configuration management board

DevOps configuration also brings system administration responsibility under the umbrella of software engineering. Enterprises today utilize it to empower software engineers to request and provision needed resources on demand. This removes a potential organizational dependency bottleneck of a software development team waiting for resources from a separate system administration team.

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Such functions could be the sensitivity function, S, complementary sensitivity function, T, the input sensitivity function, KS, or more generally, a closed-loop transfer function from w to z, i.e. ||Tzw||∞. In H∞ control design, a multiobjective performance specification is usually treated as a mixed sensitivity design problem, such as mixed S-KS, or mixed S-T objectives with suitable weighting functions. However, for the controllability analysis purpose, the multiple H∞ norms are better to be considered simultaneously as a multiobjective optimisation problem. The multiobjective H∞ optimisation can be solved by recently developed LMI techniques.

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Once a configuration management platform is in place, teams have visibility into the work required for configuration tasks. Configuration management work can be identified as dependencies for other work and properly addressed as part of agile sprints. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 can be reached by bicycle because one of the roads that run north of the airport passing the terminals can legally be used by bicycle. The airport authority has confirmed that the newly built terminal 3 will also be reachable by bicycle. Frankfurt Airport regional station (Frankfurt Flughafen Regionalbahnhof) at Terminal 1, concourse B, provides access to the S-Bahn commuter rail lines S8 and S9.

Types of Configuration Management Changes

The results in terms of pollutant removal and energy consumption are reported in Table 2, where they are compared with the results obtained with the control default configuration of BSM1. In some projects the CCB may also be responsible for verifying that approved changes are implemented. With end of support for our Server products fast approaching, create a winning plan for your Cloud migration with the Atlassian Migration Program. The Squaire is an office and retail building with a total floor area of 140,000 m2 (1,506,900 sq ft).